I’m Maisy, nice to meet you


Having coached in global organisations and been involved in communication and change for most of my career, I became a freelance coach with a special interest in coaching women and working with female founders when I first started out. Why? It’s simple. We are hard-wired to care for everyone else which often means there’s not much left for us. My mission remains to redress the balance.

Ten years on and I’m still passionate about working with women and I’ve built on this and been lucky enough to work with many families, men and businesses. My work spans both individual and group coaching, running workshops, problem solving meetings, performance reviews and running training courses as well as coaching face to face, online and on the phone.

I know a thing or two about performing in a high-pressured environment having worked for PwC Consulting and IBM and understand anxiety having suffered after my first son was born. Overcoming it wasn’t easy and I know first-hand how it feels to change your life for the better and conquer something that’s held you back.

I’m based in Purley and a member of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) and adhere to their rules of conduct. I am fully insured and take data protection very seriously. But enough about me. What about you? Click on the Get in touch tab to tell me your story or Sound familiar to find out about the sorts of things I’ve helped other clients like you with. In More questions you can find out more about life coaching including the where, when, why and how much.