Life Coaching – The definition


Coaching is helping you bridge the gap between your current situation and what you want through a combination of challenge and support.

Coaching isn’t about helping you come to terms with the past. If it’s this you want to explore, it’s counselling or therapy to look for.

I always recommend a conversation before we arrange to meet for our first session so you know we can make a connection. Trust builds from this foundation. You’ll know by the end of our first discovery phone chat whether I’m right for you - let your instinct guide you.

I’ve never tried this before, how will I know you’re the right person to help me?

Our initial ‘discovery’ conversation is free. Our first full session (up to 1.5 hours) will cost £75 and one hour follow up sessions are £60.

What does it cost?

I work for an online coaching company and fit my private practice around this. I am available during working hours, Monday and Thursday evenings and alternate Saturday mornings.

When can we talk?